About Us

Dear All Valued Customers,


Welcome to Suk Jai Thai Restaurant.  My name is Anong.  I and my family are the current owners who took over this business on September 2012.  Previously, we owned ” Thai Smile Restaurant ” on Colombo Street, Christchurch CBD for many years.  However, the 2011 earthquake destroyed the Christchurch CBD and thus we decided to relocate to Whangarei.

Under our management, Suk Jai Thai Restaurant became one of the five Thai restaurants in New Zealand which received the prestigious ” Thai Select Premium ” Award for the Prime Minister of Thailand in March 2013.  The Select Premium Award is an award reserved only for Thai restaurants which serve authentic Thai cuisine of a very high standard.  We are very happy that our meticulous effort of food preparation has been recognised, and we feel very fortunate to have our Prime Minister herself certifying our very high standards.

Nevertheless, we believe that the real ” award ” that would make us happiest is not the award from any celebrity or famous figure.  Rather, what make us happiest is to see you, our valued customers, enjoy your experience and return again and again.  We have said it before, and we wish to emphasis it: we want YOU to be happy.  More over, we always want to know how can we make things better.  Thus, if you wish to make any suggestions or recommendations, please let us know.  Finally, If you have any specific allergies, please let us know about it at the time of ordering, so that your meal would be prepared with special care.


Thank you